About David Marquardt / Cinemedia

After graduating from the University of Southern California in December of 2001, David Marquardt began his own production company, Cinemedia Productions, in June of 2002. Originally producing video work, David’s clients quickly began to ask for help in creating simple print pieces, producing magazine ads, and getting websites online. Originally just functioning as a coordinator, David advised clients by recommending competent web designers, graphic designers, and photographers. Through the process David become increasingly familiar with the workflow of such projects, and gradually expanded Cinemedia’s services to be able to deliver these products as a one-stop studio. It was through this expansion of services that David became acquainted with digital photography and in 2007 purchased his first digital SLR camera. Since then photography has become a passion and David has found unique opportunities in photographing buildings and spaces and has begun to perform the majority of Cinemedia’s photography work himself.


www.davidmarquardtphotography.com was launched independent of the website for Cinemedia in June of 2012 to showcase more of David’s photographic work and to create an online presence specific to the photography services offered by David Marquardt. David continues to own and operate Cinemedia.


For those who wonder about the correct pronunciation of the name Marquardt, it is pronounced M AH R qu ah r t. An easy aid is to think of a quart of milk with M-A-R in the front. Mar-quart. Marquardt.