Photography for Commercial Architecture

Photography for Commercial Structures

A Building is a Beautiful Thing

Commercial architects take great care in designing structures which create a striking presence and ultimately become the face of the businesses  which occupy them. The task of the architectural photographer is to capture in detail the visual presence of a structure. To this end, one considers sharpness, color, and balance in light and composition.The photographer should seek to create conditions which most effectively capture the space as it was intended to appear–and the effect it was designed to have on its viewer. Any building has an effect on its surroundings and a photographer will seek to capture the structure in context, making note of the footprint it creates in a community.

Time, Light, and Angle

Choosing the best time of day is a critical component in creating beautiful architectural photography. When does the light outside make a building look its best? Dusk and dawn are always great times for light. However one should also ask, “when does a given space come alive?” In Las Vegas, that is a critical question. Great photography begins with understanding the building and its purpose. Creating great shots also has a great deal to do with angle. How does the building fit into its surroundings? Is a building best shot low and wide for dramatic effect? Or would shooting from a distance create a better effect?

Understanding the End Use

Photography for commercial architecture demands an understanding of photography and the end use of that photography. We are happy to work collaboratively with clients, their graphic designers, web designers or other creative professionals seeking to create imagery to complement their project. Knowing that a photo will be a cover shot of a 8.5 x 11 brochure, we can create compositions to leave space for titles, text, and other visual elements.

Capturing Details

We understand that the details of a structure can be as important as the look of the building from the street. From the implementation of special materials to creative and classy entries, we seek to understand the details you hope to emphasize and use the composition and lighting of the photograph to call attention to the important details in a structure.

A six-story office building at twilight with beige and grey exterior, three glass balconies, with palm trees and desert lanscaping in the foreground with rich blue skies and the Las Vegas Strip in the background.

A medical office building at sunset with palm trees at the entrance and a road in the foreground.

A shopping center with Ulta in the foreground, and Marshalls and Petmart in the distance at dusk.

Photography for Commercial Real Estate

Professional Photos: A New Necessity

With the of internet resources in property sales and research, the images you post on a listing become the most influential component. Whether selling or leasing, moving a grey shell or flaunting a fully furnished space, professional photography is crucial in commercial real estate. We are excited by the challenge of making a building look as good as it possibly can–inside and out.

Practical Photography

We know that all photography isn’t related to marketing. Whether it is documentary photography to showcase a special utility, demonstrate quality craftsmanship, or document a building process, allowing a professional to execute the photography gets the work off of your shoulders and guarantees professional results.

We Know Shopping Centers

Shooting a shopping center can be tricky work. Shopping centers are busy, bustling places which are not going to close down for a photo shoot. We pride ourselved on being nimble enough to get great photos while business is happening. We’ll listen to understand your needs and come up with creative solutions, like shooting at dawn to avoid crowds and clutter. Or maybe you want your property to look as busy as possible, or perhaps you want to showcase a specific tenant. We’ll make sure we’re in the right place at the right time. Oh yeah, and shooting at night? Not a problem either.

Photography for Pools and Landscaping

Time, Light, and Angle

Architectural photography for pools and landscaping, like with other facets of architectural photography, hinges on timing, lighting, and composition. Great photography for pools and landscaping comes from capturing the design and execution of a outdoor project.

Fitting In/Standing Out

Pools and landscapes integrate with the building they accompany. In Las Vegas, hotel/casino resorts are the primary location of commercial pools and landscaping. In capturing a pool, we want to show how the area fits in with the resort. In the adjacent photos, we want to show how the pool appears from the balcony of a guest room. For this photo of an off-strip property, the railing, patios, palms, and distant skyline give viewers the feel of walking on their lanai, show them the amenities of the area, and illustrate that they are in Las Vegas with iconic casinos looming along the skyline.

Consulting With You

Every property has unique architectural elements, lighting features, and custom decorating which create a feel. Clean, bright, and detailed photographs show the imagination and craftsmanship which were a part of the design and construction of a pool deck or landscaping project. You know what makes your work stand out, so we’ll consult closely with you to make sure we capture the intent of your work.

An apartment complex swimming pool at dusk with wicker furniture with orange cushions in the foreground and palm trees and apartments in the background.
A hotel fountain pond surrounded by palm trees and and desert lake in the distance and a small table and two chairs in the foreground.