All our clients get their own online photo portfolio.



 How Does it Work?

1 Start at

This is the Cinemedia Client Portfolios portal. From here, click “Enter Client Access Code”

2 Enter Your Access Code

When you become a client, we e-mail you your access code. Enter that code here to get to your portfolio. To try out the system, type in “Marquardt” to see a sample portfolio.

3 Enter Your Password

By default, we secure every account with a password which is the same as your client access code. It may feel like we’re having you enter it twice, but we do this to protect your portfolio. The first step tells the system where you want to go, the second assures that you are an authorized visitor. If you aren’t worried about others seeing your images, we can remove the password and your gallery will be visible to the public.

4. Shop and Download from Your Own Gallery

Once you’re logged in, you are browsing through your own gallery! You can download full-resolution images by adding images to your cart. You can highlight multiple thumbnails to add images to your cart–or you can add images one by one as you view images individually. When you add to your cart you’ll have the option to select “Digital Download”, the system will prepare a single .zip file of all your images for you to download. If you’d like to order prints, just pick the size of print product you’d like and you’ll have a host of options you can choose from, including coatings, paper, and even framing and backing. You can pay via credit card directly on the site. The products will be shipping directly to you from mPix.

 Licensing images to third parties

Photos are always the property of the photographer.

Photographs are licensed by photographers to clients. By default, a photographer always owns the photographs he/she takes. When shooting for a client, the photographer then grants a license to the client to use the photos for a certain purpose (ie, publication in a magazine, web use, print materials, ads, etc.). The license also is typically limited to a specified length of time–for example, a license could release usage for running photos on a website for 5 years, or allow publication in magazine ads of 100,000 copies or less for 3 years.


I know someone who would like to use my photos. Can they?

Absolutely–once they pay the photographer for use of the photos. But don’t worry, we’ve made it easy. Let’s say you’re an interior designer, and a cabinet contractor you worked with would like to use one of your shots on his website. Just give him the link to your portfolio. He can look through your photos and buy the rights to any photo in your portfolio straight from the site!  He can checkout with whatever payment is convenient for him, and -POOF- he has a license to use the images!


If you have a coupon code for free downloads, remember to never give it out–it is only to protect your images. It does not give a third party the right to use your photos.


Hey, if I’m buying rights to images, I’d like my own portfolio!

Sure, just let us know and we will create a separate portfolio just for you!


What does an online portfolio cost?

It’s free for as long as you are a client!