Photography for Architects

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Photography for Architects 1

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Photography for Architects 2



Creating and Capturing a Feeling

Architectural photography is much more than a picture of a building. It is the representation of the function and feel of a structure. It is capturing the design intent and the vision of the owner and architect in a single photographic frame. But more than capturing, the photographer must use knowledge of light and angle to create a shot which produces a visual and emotional effect in a photograph.


Photographic Strategy

The fundamental principles of any form of photography are the building blocks of excellent architectural photography. Composition, angle, and lighting are the most important considerations in creating great architectural photographs. By knowing first what the shot needs to capture, lighting can then be put into place to accent and complement the angle being shot.


Effective Listening, Effective Photography
Additionally, architects may have other considerations in their architectural photography such as matching a photograph with a pre-construction rendering, or making sure the view from the back patio reflects the planning which went into the design. In the adjacent photograph, notice how the architect framed the city view as a focal point from this master balcony. If you click on the image to see it larger, you’ll notice that Las Vegas Boulevard is perfectly centered–from the Stratosphere Tower on the right to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay on the left. These types of details are what make an architect stand out and are therefore critical to capture.


Selecting an Architectural Photographer

For a third-party opinion on what you should look for in an architectural photographer, check out Architecture Week’s excellent article on selecting an architectural photographer.


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