Photography for Builders and Contractors


Photography for Builders and Contractors


Photos are Your Showroom

A great deal of work goes into a home, from roofing to exterior work to tile and concrete. Contractors and builders have one powerful opportunity to show the quality and diversity of their work: great photographs. A set of photographs will say more about who you are and what you’ve done than a list of references, projects completed, or qualifications. Showing your finished product is the sum total of all your hours of hard work-give it the credit it deserves. With professional photography you are telling your potential clients that you value your work enough to display it with serious, professional images.



Showing Credibility, Showing Ideas

Whether you’re a general contractor, cabinet maker, or lighting specialist, professional photography demonstrates your art and craft quickly and effectively. Professional photography for builders and contractors not only gives the credibility of a strong portfolio but can illustrate techniques and designs which are difficult to communicate in a conference room. We’ve shot residential spaces from 1,000 square feet to nearly 20,000 square feet, but we know that what counts is showing off the quality and design of your work.



Professional Photos: A Blueprint for Growth

Making sure you have professional photos tells clients that you take yourself seriously–and so should they. We know that the way you grow is by doing good work and knowing the right people. Why not help out the right people by having photos of your work accessible to them? Professional photography really is the basic blueprint of a builder’s portfolio.


Practical Photography

We know that all photography isn’t related to marketing. Whether it is documentary photography to show work in progress, prove quality of work, or document a building process, allowing a professional to execute the photography gets the work off of your shoulders and guarantees professional results.



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