Photography for Interior Design

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Interior Design: Where We Started

We started our work in photography shooting for interior design and there’s no subject we feel more comfortable with. We’ve shot literally hundreds of homes, condos and other properties in Las Vegas since 2002. From modern living rooms by design firms like Chemical Spaces or Sun West to individual, traditional bedrooms by a designer like Kay Cleary, we love to capture spaces in a way that designers can feel proud of. We know a lot of heart and soul goes into a design and we will use every technique at our disposal to make sure the photographs evoke and enhance the feeling of a room. Seeing great designs at so many great places is what makes shooting photography for interior design in Las Vegas a new experience each time.


Individual Designers, Individual Styles

Designers and decorators all have a unique style and skillset. We love trying to capture the feel of what the designer was trying to accomplish. In the adjacent photo we wanted pristine, modern views of Aria and Cosmopolitan at City Center to accompany the clean whites and blues of this Veer Tower penthouse.


Commercial or Residential

When it comes to photography for interior design, it makes little difference whether it is a residential or commercial property. It is always fun to go to a space where a great deal of time and energy went into its design and take the challenge of making it look great in pictures. Whether that space is at a megaresort, a sprawling mansion, or a simple condo, we’ve seen unbelievably creative things done all over Las Vegas. Certain business practices may differ when performing the photography and we’re happy to work with you and the property owner to make sure a shoot is both professional and as unobtrusive as possible.


Ready for Publication

From Luxury Magazine to our photos have been published in magazines and web journals across the country and across Las Vegas. Professional photography is the best way to catch the eye of a publisher, and these days magazines (both in print and online) are hungry for content. In fact, two projects we’ve shot have recently caught the eye of producers at HGTV and have been featured on “Million-dollar Homes.” Bottom line: we will make sure that your photography conforms to the technical specifications and quality publishers expect.


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