Photography for Pools and Landscaping


Photography for Pools and Landscaping 1

Photography for Pools and Landscaping 2



Residential Landscaping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas boasts some of the most amazing pools in the world-and not just on the Strip. Stunning yards and landscaping are dotted across the valley, with a few having great pictures taken of them. Great photography for pools and landscapes means capturing the design and execution of an outdoor project. As mentioned above, time of day is critical in getting great shots. We know that a yard will have a very different look in the day than it does at night. Some yards may have a golf course as a backdrop and the greens outside the yard may be as important as the greens inside the yard. Other yards might boast fire features, dramatic pool lights, and stunning yard lighting. In short, some spaces should be shot using daylight, while others should use the drama of dusk to their advantage. Still others should be shot at both times to capture the way a landscape cools down the heat of Vegas, or heats things up as the sun goes down.


Time, Light, and Angle

Architectural photography for pools and landscaping, like with other facets of architectural photography, hinges on timing, lighting, and composition. Great photography for pools and landscaping comes from capturing the design and execution of an outdoor project.


Commercial Pools and Landscapes

Pools and landscapes integrate with the building they accompany. In Las Vegas, hotel/casino resorts are the primary locations of commercial pools and landscaping. In capturing a pool, we want to show how the area fits in with the resort. In the adjacent photos, we want to show how the pool appears from the balcony of a guest room. For this photo of an off-strip property, the railing, patios, palms, and distant skyline give viewers the feel of walking on their lanai, showing them the amenities of the area, and all the while illustrating that they are in Las Vegas with iconic casinos looming along the skyline.


Consulting With You

Every property has unique architectural elements, lighting features, and custom decorating which create a feel. Clean, bright, and detailed photographs show the imagination and craftsmanship which were a part of the design and construction of a pool deck or landscaping project. You know what makes your work stand out, so we’ll consult closely with you to make sure we capture the intent of your work.


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