T-Mobile Store on Las Vegas Boulevard

Working with Seattle-based video production company Element7,we had the opportunity to photograph the brand-new T-mobile store on Las Vegas Boulevard next to MGM Grand. This massive two-story retail store boasts giant LED video screens, interactive VR station, snack bar, and even interactive restroom mirrors.

Producing great photos didn’t come without some real challenges:

  • The space immediately beside T-mobile was torn apart
  • We were not legally allowed to set up on the island on Las Vegas Boulevard right in front of the store which required us to shoot from across the street
  • Power lines were running past the store in layers
  • A horrid street lamp was right in the way of our only opening between the palm trees
  • The brightness of the video marquis above the store was out-of-this-world (and way out of any histogram)
  • We needed to contend with busy street traffic and sidewalk foot traffic

We spent 2 nights and an afternoon working to get comprehensive photography of the space and, in the end, delivered more than 100 finished photos to the client. Here is just a small sampling including a before shot of the exterior straight out of the camera.

(Straight out of camera: Notice the street lamp, power lines, cracked asphalt, damaged building to the right and the blazing video screen up top.)