Beerpark at Paris Las Vegas


When Minneapolis-based En-fold built a modern retractable awning over Budweiser’s Beerpark in front of Paris Las Vegas, they needed some quality images to show off their work in such a high-profile location. We were happy to tackle the task of capturing their installation, making sure to incorporate the dramatic Las Vegas backdrop while maintaining the product as the star of the show. It was important to incorporate En-fold’s branding into photos as well as to show how the system operates. Using both wide-angle and long lenses, we were able to produce a wide selection of images which En-fold can use to demonstrate how their technology allows Beerpark to stay comfortably shaded by day while letting the neon pour in at night. We opted for tight images of the folded awning against the backdrop of Paris’ French motifs to tell the story of what, how, and where in a single, detailed image. Going wide, we were able to capture the full length of En-fold system with the Eiffel Tower soaring above. Together, UniSystems has some spectacular photos to show off their product in this one-of-a-kind venue!


EnFold_BeerparkLasVegas-81EnFold_BeerparkLasVegas-40 EnFold_BeerparkLasVegas-76