Photographing Large Commercial Buildings


Our daily rate worked great when Colliers recently needed photography of three large commercial buildings in Henderson. They wanted to capture what the spaces looked like in broad daylight, but also hoped to capture some moodier twilight shots where the colors are more dramatic and the deep blues of the evening sky add saturation and drama to the photos. The challenge in taking pictures of a large commercial building is in capturing the space as a whole while still representing features and lending interest to the image. After all, these are large, monolithic edifices meant for producing, packaging, and shipping product, not dressing up for a glamor shot. But immensity has its upsides. We tried to focus on the symmetry of garage doors, the vast entangled lines of the warehouse, ceiling, the vanishing contours of the building into the horizon, a touch of desert hills in the distance, and the end result is, well, pretty glamorous. We work with what we’re given, right?




CommercialREPhotography_May2016-6 CommercialREPhotography_May2016-4CommercialREPhotography_May2016-5