Bellagio Penthouse Suites Remodel


We had the privilege recently to shoot the beautiful remodel of the 35th floor penthouse suites remodel at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. RDH Interests of Frisco, TX commissioned the photography of the suites which they recently completed and needed fantastic images to show off the interior design and architectural elements modified in the remodel. Being penthouse suites, a big part of the photography was capturing how their design integrates the stunning views which the 35th floor offers. However, shooting straight out the windows at such a elevated perspective, one only sees a few building tops and not the bustling city below. Striving diligently to preserve the real view outside, we captured the views independently through the windows and from the adjacent balconies. Then cutting out the window frames, we re-inserted the view which was captured at the ideal time of day and adjusted the perspective, where possible, so that one can see icons like the Stratosphere Tower, the High Roller, and the spread of the city toward the twilight on the horizon.

BellagioSuites9BellagioSuites6BellagioSuites7  BellagioSuites5 BellagioSuites4 BellagioSuites3 BellagioSuites2 BellagioSuites1