Westin Lake Las Vegas


When we received a call to shoot at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, time and scheduling only permitted shooting on one day. A sprawling resort, the Westin sits beside the Lake and a golf course and itself boasts multiple pools, waterslide, fountains, two restaurants, a spa, and, of course, guestrooms. The shot list was large, so to capture the stunning twilight hour twice in one day, we arrived before 5:00AM and got to shooting. We wrapped things up around 10:00PM and came away with some beautiful images.

WestinLakeLasVegas_0047-HDR WestinLakeLasVegas_0183 WestinLakeLasVegas_0403 WestinLakeLasVegas_0831-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_0867-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_0965-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_1125-1