Kicking off 2016 with Commercial Real Estate Photography



We had the pleasure of shooting some commercial real estate to kick off 2016. At the corner of Green Valley and Sunset (the heart of Green Valley), we spent New Years Day taking advantage of the lack of auto and pedestrian traffic to get some great twilight shots of the shopping center on the Southeast corner. The local Trader Joes and Big 5 keep the complex pretty busy on normal days, so it was a real treat to have the place (mostly) to ourselves.

Getting great photos of commercial real estate involves picking the best time of day and typically adding some supplemental lighting to the building exteriors, which frequently suffer from insufficient or unflattering lighting.

Commercial real estate photography is something we do produce on a regular basis! Feel free to contact us to learn more about what we do to create stunning images of your commercial space!


CommercialRealEstatePhotography-01 CommercialRealEstatePhotography-02 CommercialRealEstatePhotography-04