2015 Interior Design by Briana Tiberti


We’ve been shooting the work of Briana Tiberti since her time as the lead interior designer for SunWest Custom Homes.  We’ve always loved the chance to create sharp, vibrant reproductions of her modern yet rich and intricate designs in photographs, and 2015 is no exception. Now an independent designer, we recently had the chance to shoot a new project of Briana’s which features an elaborate kitchen, a patio which blends seamless off the kitchen and living space, and a beautiful glass entry which allows her designs to surround guests in 180 degrees before they ever set foot in the home. With stone, tile, metal, Briana seems to have a knack for finding complementary color palettes to the desert landscape; but while her colors blend with the desert in daytime, we love how they contrast with the rich desert skies and neon-blue pool lights as the sun goes down. Take a look at a few of the images we were able to snap recently for Briana.

InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_02InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_01 InteriorDesign2015_1 InteriorDesign2015_2InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_04 InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_03InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_05