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Dunkin Convention 2018

Partnering with our long-time client, tradeshow exhibit designer/manufacturer/installer Czarnowski, Dunkin Brands’ needed some photography for its international convention in 2018, the first of its kind in eight years. What started with our typical offering (careful, detailed, and crisp images of the exhibits on the trade floor), soon expanded into comprehensive photography of everything taking place at the show. We don’t sell ourselves as event photographers, but our biggest goal is to meet the needs of our clients, whatever they be. Aiming to deliver a fantastic end product and a great working relationship, we worked through the night to make sure images from the previous day were retouched and available to the various teams at Dunkin by morning. From their social media team, to the event production staff (for display on the big screen during general sessions), to various other departments and executives, all the images they needed were delivered on-time to a shared cloud folder each day of the event. Ultimately, we were thrilled that the Dunkin Convention in 2018 which included tradeshow exhibit photography, some portraiture, concert photography, and general event photography went without a hitch, as did the show as a whole thanks to a team of smart, energetic, and positive individuals from Dunkin’. Below are some selections of the 1200+ images we delivered from the event.

A Baskin Robbins store as a trade show exhibit with a pink arch and logo screen left, a white wall with grey printed logo centered, and tables with pink umbrellas screen right and the interior display cases and counters visible.

Kelly Clarkson performs in the MGM Grand Arena at the Dunkin’ 2018 Convention.

A poolside party, one of a couple dozen events we covered during the 2018 Dunkin International Convention.

General Sessions in the MGM Grand Arena were packed with creative entertainment, great lighting and screen visuals, and big announcements complete with confetti canons.

2017 Black Hat and Cisco Live Conventions

Recent technology conventions Cisco Live and Black Hat brought technology companies and their impressive exhibits to Las Vegas in past the few months. Once again, we had the chance to tromp through the convention center at Mandalay Bay and have free reign before the shows opened to capture some of the best exhibits at the shows. From Malwarebytes and their illuminated robot statue to Attivo’s hall of mirrors, there was no shortage of creativity on display.

Below you can take a look at some of our photos of these exhibits with our standard post-production processes (straightening, lens correction, color correction, and exposure correction) as well as some which have had added post-production work done to the photos. Additional editing in these images includes darkening, desaturating, and blurring the background, masking and cleaning up video screens, reduction of noise in solid areas, and spot color corrections such as reducing orange or green color casts from nearby light sources or the convention hall lighting. We hope you like the photos!