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2017 Black Hat and Cisco Live Conventions

Recent technology conventions Cisco Live and Black Hat brought technology companies and their impressive exhibits to Las Vegas in past the few months. Once again, we had the chance to tromp through the convention center at Mandalay Bay and have free reign before the shows opened to capture some of the best exhibits at the shows. From Malwarebytes and their illuminated robot statue to Attivo’s hall of mirrors, there was no shortage of creativity on display.

Below you can take a look at some of our photos of these exhibits with our standard post-production processes (straightening, lens correction, color correction, and exposure correction) as well as some which have had added post-production work done to the photos. Additional editing in these images includes darkening, desaturating, and blurring the background, masking and cleaning up video screens, reduction of noise in solid areas, and spot color corrections such as reducing orange or green color casts from nearby light sources or the convention hall lighting. We hope you like the photos!


Cartoon Network Trade Show Booth


Cartoon Network had an incredible booth at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this summer. Topped with three inflatable Powerpuff Girls and featuring a two-story enclosure with multiple conference rooms wherein deals were sealed, the CN booth packed a visual punch at the convention center at Mandalay Bay. We had the privilege of photographing this monumental tradeshow exhibit and had a great time focusing on the wide, overall visual presence of the booth. Likewise, we wanted some simple, clean images of the subspaces within the booth, like seating areas and conference rooms. Then in post-production, we took some liberties in isolating the booth from its surroundings, muting some backgrounds and editing out some areas altogether.