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2019 Trade Show Photography

The start of each year heralds the arrival of a slew of high-profile trade shows in Las Vegas. Kicking off with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas welcomes some of the biggest, most elaborate exhibits money can buy, and since these exhibits have a life span of only 3 or 4 days, documenting the exhibit with professional photography becomes a high priority. From IBS / KBIS to NADA (actually in San Francisco this year) to ISC West, acronyms take over much of our workload from January through March. We invite you to don your virtual lanyard and browse through of our few favorite images from the trade shows we’ve photographed in early 2019.


Dunkin Convention 2018

Partnering with our long-time client, tradeshow exhibit designer/manufacturer/installer Czarnowski, Dunkin Brands’ needed some photography for its international convention in 2018, the first of its kind in eight years. What started with our typical offering (careful, detailed, and crisp images of the exhibits on the trade floor), soon expanded into comprehensive photography of everything taking place at the show. We don’t sell ourselves as event photographers, but our biggest goal is to meet the needs of our clients, whatever they be. Aiming to deliver a fantastic end product and a great working relationship, we worked through the night to make sure images from the previous day were retouched and available to the various teams at Dunkin by morning. From their social media team, to the event production staff (for display on the big screen during general sessions), to various other departments and executives, all the images they needed were delivered on-time to a shared cloud folder each day of the event. Ultimately, we were thrilled that the Dunkin Convention in 2018 which included tradeshow exhibit photography, some portraiture, concert photography, and general event photography went without a hitch, as did the show as a whole thanks to a team of smart, energetic, and positive individuals from Dunkin’. Below are some selections of the 1200+ images we delivered from the event.

A Baskin Robbins store as a trade show exhibit with a pink arch and logo screen left, a white wall with grey printed logo centered, and tables with pink umbrellas screen right and the interior display cases and counters visible.

Kelly Clarkson performs in the MGM Grand Arena at the Dunkin’ 2018 Convention.

A poolside party, one of a couple dozen events we covered during the 2018 Dunkin International Convention.

General Sessions in the MGM Grand Arena were packed with creative entertainment, great lighting and screen visuals, and big announcements complete with confetti canons.

2017 Black Hat and Cisco Live Conventions

Recent technology conventions Cisco Live and Black Hat brought technology companies and their impressive exhibits to Las Vegas in past the few months. Once again, we had the chance to tromp through the convention center at Mandalay Bay and have free reign before the shows opened to capture some of the best exhibits at the shows. From Malwarebytes and their illuminated robot statue to Attivo’s hall of mirrors, there was no shortage of creativity on display.

Below you can take a look at some of our photos of these exhibits with our standard post-production processes (straightening, lens correction, color correction, and exposure correction) as well as some which have had added post-production work done to the photos. Additional editing in these images includes darkening, desaturating, and blurring the background, masking and cleaning up video screens, reduction of noise in solid areas, and spot color corrections such as reducing orange or green color casts from nearby light sources or the convention hall lighting. We hope you like the photos!


CON/AGG, ACFAS, and ExhibitorLive! 2017

An elevated perspective of a Danfoss White Drive trade show exhibit with red carpet, white tables and counters with multiple red vertical displays throughout and a suspended banner with their logo above and a pony wall with a black and blue print of a gear in the foreground. Photo edited so that the outside area is darkened and colorless.

We’ve had the chance to photograph some beautiful exhibits at different conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas during the first quarter of 2017. From construction exhibitors at CON/AGG (CONExpo), to medical device makers at ACFAS, to conventioneers at ExhibitorLive!, we’ve shot a diverse array of trade show booths and we want to share some of the photos we came away with.

To draw attention to the most important features for our clients, we process these images and “turn down the lights” so that all the background distractions are muted, yet the exhibit is still visibly in the convention space. We typically deliver our clients dozens of images, usually taken in a 30-90 minute window. Have a look!


Trade show exhibit with an orange and white color scheme, a suspended rectangular banner with four faces above and multiple product displays within and a two-story platform in the background. Photo edited so that the outside area is darkened and colorless.

Czarnowski trade show exhibit with a wood-paneled exterior and low decorative planter as an exterior border with classical art on a wall in the background and edited so that the outside area is darkened and colorless.

A trade show exhibit from an oblique angle with a red wall in the center, rectangular red banner floating above and red carpet with modern white tables, chairs and kiosks edited so that area outside the booth is darkened and colorless.

A centered photo of the Stryker booth at ACFAS 2017 with hanging banner, welcome counter with LCD screen, and four vertical signs all with the Stryker logo--edited so that background is dimmed.

Consumer Electronics Show 2017

We had a great time shooting the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. From Panasonic in Central Hall at the LVCC to Philips at the Venetian to BMW and Visteon in the tents outside the convention center, we had a great time running around like crazy trying photograph as many exhibits as possible. Empty exhibits are only found before and after the show, so early mornings and late nights are part of the trade-show-shooting process so that means we get some of these magnificent booths to ourselves for a time (without bumping and tripping into a horde of onlookers.) But make no mistake, we spent plenty of time feeling like cattle like everyone else in the massive crowds that occupy the spaces during convention hours. Shooting candids of booth employees and guests can get grueling when one barely has enough space to aim one’s camera, but all said and done, we think we came away with some rewarding photos. Have a look and we’ll see you at CES 2018!





SEMA / AAPEX 2016 Las Vegas

An angular view of the ACDelco tradeshow booth with a suspended grey banner and graphic blocks as walls with barstools, tables, and displays inside.

Stunning trade show booths have been the subject of some of our favorite work over the past few months. SEMA and AAPEX came to Las Vegas at the end of October / beginning of November and we had the chance to shoot some incredible exhibits. At AAPEX, the ACDelco booth featured ipads with virtual reality apps installed which allowed visitors to aim the tablet throughout the booth and view the exhibit as if it were an early 1900s auto parts shop. It also featured 3D printed auto parts which could be placed on flat-screen displays which recognized the part and brought up interactive information on the part including specifications and videos.

At SEMA, Chevrolet’s massive booth at the heart of Hall C in the convention center was a tribute to the Camaro, featuring several classic Camaros including the worlds first, and the worlds fastest. The exhibit also offered attendees the chance to check out the array of Chevy accessories and Chevy engines along with a few choice trucks and a prototype utility vehicle.


The inside of the ACDelco tradeshow booth with a red circular medallion on the floor, white seating to the right, computer kiosks on the left and in the rear the ACDelco logo suspended on a banner.White sofa seating facing tables with auto parts encased in transparent cubes in the foreground with a red suspeded banner above emblazoned with the ACDelco logo and the words "Quality Auto".An ACDelco caliper atop a solid transparent cube resembling glass with the ACDelco logo and part numbers etched into the cube.An elevated angular view of the Chevy booth at SEMA with classic Chevy Camaros lined up in the foreground and the Chevrolet logo emblazoned on a dark grey banner floating above.A prototype chevy utility vehicle behind stantions in a grey circular carpeted area with a video screen, two vertical displays with Chevy parts attached and the chevrolet logo in the background.A Chevy engine on a pedestal atop tradeshow carpeting with a fauz brick wall and garage door in the background.

IGT Exhibit at G2E

The IGT logo on a circular frame surrounding a video chandelier which hangs above slot machines at the IGT booth at G2E 2016

The IGT exhibit at G2E was a very Vegas booth for a very Vegas show. We had the privilege of shooting IGT’s massive booth at the Sands Exposition Center at the end of September. With a 100-yard curved video wall, three paneled-video “chandeliers” and flashy new products including a 4D interactive slot experience, the exhibit was a hit. With the help of a 10-foot ladder, we were able to get a birds-eye feel of the space which was crowded with banks of slot machines ready for anxious attendees to try out.

An elevated perspective of slot machines and video chandeliers at the IGT booth at G2E 2016.The red chair from The Voice in the foreground with The Voice slots in the background at the IGT booth at G2E 2016

Sofas and tables on an elevated deck beneath a curved video wall at the IGT booth at G2E.An illuminated circular frame with an interactive video screen inside and the IGT booth in the background at G2E.

Cartoon Network Trade Show Booth


Cartoon Network had an incredible booth at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this summer. Topped with three inflatable Powerpuff Girls and featuring a two-story enclosure with multiple conference rooms wherein deals were sealed, the CN booth packed a visual punch at the convention center at Mandalay Bay. We had the privilege of photographing this monumental tradeshow exhibit and had a great time focusing on the wide, overall visual presence of the booth. Likewise, we wanted some simple, clean images of the subspaces within the booth, like seating areas and conference rooms. Then in post-production, we took some liberties in isolating the booth from its surroundings, muting some backgrounds and editing out some areas altogether.



CES 2016


The Consumer Electronics Show brings together the biggest names in technology each year in Las Vegas, and 2016 was no exception. To show off their cutting edge products and create a presence for themselves, companies like Samsung, Panasonic, ooVoo, USPS, and Plantronics design and build stunning exhibits. We had a great time photographing a host of exhibitor booths (including the booths of the companies just mentioned) and enjoyed being a part of one of the biggest trade shows on the planet.

We wanted to be able to show off some of the great images we were able to capture this year. Conventions are an excellent opportunity to use the tools and techniques of architectural photography to create images companies can be proud of.

Take a look at some photos from this year’s convention.