Photographing Large Commercial Buildings


Our daily rate worked great when Colliers recently needed photography of three large commercial buildings in Henderson. They wanted to capture what the spaces looked like in broad daylight, but also hoped to capture some moodier twilight shots where the colors are more dramatic and the deep blues of the evening sky add saturation and drama to the photos. The challenge in taking pictures of a large commercial building is in capturing the space as a whole while still representing features and lending interest to the image. After all, these are large, monolithic edifices meant for producing, packaging, and shipping product, not dressing up for a glamor shot. But immensity has its upsides. We tried to focus on the symmetry of garage doors, the vast entangled lines of the warehouse, ceiling, the vanishing contours of the building into the horizon, a touch of desert hills in the distance, and the end result is, well, pretty glamorous. We work with what we’re given, right?




CommercialREPhotography_May2016-6 CommercialREPhotography_May2016-4CommercialREPhotography_May2016-5

Beerpark at Paris Las Vegas


When Minneapolis-based En-fold built a modern retractable awning over Budweiser’s Beerpark in front of Paris Las Vegas, they needed some quality images to show off their work in such a high-profile location. We were happy to tackle the task of capturing their installation, making sure to incorporate the dramatic Las Vegas backdrop while maintaining the product as the star of the show. It was important to incorporate En-fold’s branding into photos as well as to show how the system operates. Using both wide-angle and long lenses, we were able to produce a wide selection of images which En-fold can use to demonstrate how their technology allows Beerpark to stay comfortably shaded by day while letting the neon pour in at night. We opted for tight images of the folded awning against the backdrop of Paris’ French motifs to tell the story of what, how, and where in a single, detailed image. Going wide, we were able to capture the full length of En-fold system with the Eiffel Tower soaring above. Together, UniSystems has some spectacular photos to show off their product in this one-of-a-kind venue!


EnFold_BeerparkLasVegas-81EnFold_BeerparkLasVegas-40 EnFold_BeerparkLasVegas-76

Exploring the Old Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate)

LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-3The old Las Vegas Hilton, for many years the largest hotel in the world, with nearly 3,000 rooms, is an immense property with a lush history. The hotel which originally opened as “The International” was the home of Elvis and Liberace in the early 1970’s, the site of a massive fire in 1980, the go-to destination for Trekkies from 1998-2008 featuring “The Star Trek Experience,” and still boasts the largest race and sports book in the world. The Las Vegas Hilton was rebranded the LVH in 2011 in the wake of the recession and was finally sold in 2014 to Westgate Resorts which now calls the classic hotel Westgate Resort Las Vegas.

Unlike many newer mega-hotels, the Westgate has over 40 years of history within its walls. Since 1969, many rooms have one-by-one received custom makeovers. Some for special residents of the hotel, others just to offer guests a unique Vegas experience. With scores of custom suites, the Westgate is no boilerplate hotel with 3000 matching rooms and what’s more, the new ownership has no up-to-date photography of its inventory of guestrooms. Westgate is exploring its giant new property on foot, one wild suite at a time.

Lucky for us, we’ve been invited to explore the hotel with the marketing team, as they try to piece together a portfolio of guestroom photos. Not knowing what we’ll find each time we open a new door, touring the property is an experience for which the hotel could justifiably charge admission. Suites such as “The Bedroom” or “The Hollywood Suite” thrust a person back to the heydey of Vegas-esque design and lifestyle with round beds, mirrored ceilings, and wild art-deco trim and pillars.

LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-10LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-1LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-9 The Barron Hilton Suite features velvet furniture, a grandfather clock, and work desk (with two guest chairs), and makes you want to close a big deal and hand out cigars.


In sharp contrast to the Rat-Pack-era designs of the old rooms are the newly redesigned timeshares being introduced by Westgate. Flat panel TV’s, illuminated jetted tubs, and modern furniture are the lures to attract the 2016 Vegasphile, tempting visitors to turn their weekend into lifelong love affair with Las Vegas.
LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-5LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-6LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-4 LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-7

Westin Lake Las Vegas


When we received a call to shoot at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, time and scheduling only permitted shooting on one day. A sprawling resort, the Westin sits beside the Lake and a golf course and itself boasts multiple pools, waterslide, fountains, two restaurants, a spa, and, of course, guestrooms. The shot list was large, so to capture the stunning twilight hour twice in one day, we arrived before 5:00AM and got to shooting. We wrapped things up around 10:00PM and came away with some beautiful images.

WestinLakeLasVegas_0047-HDR WestinLakeLasVegas_0183 WestinLakeLasVegas_0403 WestinLakeLasVegas_0831-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_0867-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_0965-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_1125-1