Exploring the Old Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate)

LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-3The old Las Vegas Hilton, for many years the largest hotel in the world, with nearly 3,000 rooms, is an immense property with a lush history. The hotel which originally opened as “The International” was the home of Elvis and Liberace in the early 1970’s, the site of a massive fire in 1980, the go-to destination for Trekkies from 1998-2008 featuring “The Star Trek Experience,” and still boasts the largest race and sports book in the world. The Las Vegas Hilton was rebranded the LVH in 2011 in the wake of the recession and was finally sold in 2014 to Westgate Resorts which now calls the classic hotel Westgate Resort Las Vegas.

Unlike many newer mega-hotels, the Westgate has over 40 years of history within its walls. Since 1969, many rooms have one-by-one received custom makeovers. Some for special residents of the hotel, others just to offer guests a unique Vegas experience. With scores of custom suites, the Westgate is no boilerplate hotel with 3000 matching rooms and what’s more, the new ownership has no up-to-date photography of its inventory of guestrooms. Westgate is exploring its giant new property on foot, one wild suite at a time.

Lucky for us, we’ve been invited to explore the hotel with the marketing team, as they try to piece together a portfolio of guestroom photos. Not knowing what we’ll find each time we open a new door, touring the property is an experience for which the hotel could justifiably charge admission. Suites such as “The Bedroom” or “The Hollywood Suite” thrust a person back to the heydey of Vegas-esque design and lifestyle with round beds, mirrored ceilings, and wild art-deco trim and pillars.

LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-10LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-1LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-9 The Barron Hilton Suite features velvet furniture, a grandfather clock, and work desk (with two guest chairs), and makes you want to close a big deal and hand out cigars.


In sharp contrast to the Rat-Pack-era designs of the old rooms are the newly redesigned timeshares being introduced by Westgate. Flat panel TV’s, illuminated jetted tubs, and modern furniture are the lures to attract the 2016 Vegasphile, tempting visitors to turn their weekend into lifelong love affair with Las Vegas.
LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-5LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-6LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-4 LasVegasHotelRoomPhotography-7

CES 2016


The Consumer Electronics Show brings together the biggest names in technology each year in Las Vegas, and 2016 was no exception. To show off their cutting edge products and create a presence for themselves, companies like Samsung, Panasonic, ooVoo, USPS, and Plantronics design and build stunning exhibits. We had a great time photographing a host of exhibitor booths (including the booths of the companies just mentioned) and enjoyed being a part of one of the biggest trade shows on the planet.

We wanted to be able to show off some of the great images we were able to capture this year. Conventions are an excellent opportunity to use the tools and techniques of architectural photography to create images companies can be proud of.

Take a look at some photos from this year’s convention.






Kicking off 2016 with Commercial Real Estate Photography



We had the pleasure of shooting some commercial real estate to kick off 2016. At the corner of Green Valley and Sunset (the heart of Green Valley), we spent New Years Day taking advantage of the lack of auto and pedestrian traffic to get some great twilight shots of the shopping center on the Southeast corner. The local Trader Joes and Big 5 keep the complex pretty busy on normal days, so it was a real treat to have the place (mostly) to ourselves.

Getting great photos of commercial real estate involves picking the best time of day and typically adding some supplemental lighting to the building exteriors, which frequently suffer from insufficient or unflattering lighting.

Commercial real estate photography is something we do produce on a regular basis! Feel free to contact us to learn more about what we do to create stunning images of your commercial space!


CommercialRealEstatePhotography-01 CommercialRealEstatePhotography-02 CommercialRealEstatePhotography-04

Westin Lake Las Vegas


When we received a call to shoot at the Westin Lake Las Vegas, time and scheduling only permitted shooting on one day. A sprawling resort, the Westin sits beside the Lake and a golf course and itself boasts multiple pools, waterslide, fountains, two restaurants, a spa, and, of course, guestrooms. The shot list was large, so to capture the stunning twilight hour twice in one day, we arrived before 5:00AM and got to shooting. We wrapped things up around 10:00PM and came away with some beautiful images.

WestinLakeLasVegas_0047-HDR WestinLakeLasVegas_0183 WestinLakeLasVegas_0403 WestinLakeLasVegas_0831-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_0867-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_0965-1 WestinLakeLasVegas_1125-1


Bellagio Penthouse Suites Remodel


We had the privilege recently to shoot the beautiful remodel of the 35th floor penthouse suites remodel at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. RDH Interests of Frisco, TX commissioned the photography of the suites which they recently completed and needed fantastic images to show off the interior design and architectural elements modified in the remodel. Being penthouse suites, a big part of the photography was capturing how their design integrates the stunning views which the 35th floor offers. However, shooting straight out the windows at such a elevated perspective, one only sees a few building tops and not the bustling city below. Striving diligently to preserve the real view outside, we captured the views independently through the windows and from the adjacent balconies. Then cutting out the window frames, we re-inserted the view which was captured at the ideal time of day and adjusted the perspective, where possible, so that one can see icons like the Stratosphere Tower, the High Roller, and the spread of the city toward the twilight on the horizon.

BellagioSuites9BellagioSuites6BellagioSuites7  BellagioSuites5 BellagioSuites4 BellagioSuites3 BellagioSuites2 BellagioSuites1

Listings That Wow


Some listings really stand out–and it is our job to help create those listings by producing eye-catching photographs. This 5,000+ square foot home in Las Vegas shows exactly how shooting at the right time of day, with the right camera and lenses and with an eye for composition can create colorful and dramatic photos. From its courtyard-style pool deck to its desert setting, this home offered up scenes which lent themselves to fantastic photos.

ListingsThatWow-002ListingsThatWow-005 ListingsThatWow-001 ListingsThatWow-006 ListingsThatWow-004

2015 Interior Design by Briana Tiberti


We’ve been shooting the work of Briana Tiberti since her time as the lead interior designer for SunWest Custom Homes.  We’ve always loved the chance to create sharp, vibrant reproductions of her modern yet rich and intricate designs in photographs, and 2015 is no exception. Now an independent designer, we recently had the chance to shoot a new project of Briana’s which features an elaborate kitchen, a patio which blends seamless off the kitchen and living space, and a beautiful glass entry which allows her designs to surround guests in 180 degrees before they ever set foot in the home. With stone, tile, metal, Briana seems to have a knack for finding complementary color palettes to the desert landscape; but while her colors blend with the desert in daytime, we love how they contrast with the rich desert skies and neon-blue pool lights as the sun goes down. Take a look at a few of the images we were able to snap recently for Briana.

InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_02InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_01 InteriorDesign2015_1 InteriorDesign2015_2InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_04 InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_03InteriorDesignPhotographyLasVegas2015_05

What Happens in Belgium.. now sits in Summerlin


Dries Janssens goes to great lengths to capture photos of creative, real-life uses for his company’s hand-made pottery. Manufactured near the picturesque town of Bruges in Northern Belgium, Atelier Vierkant’s unique pottery find itself in the most exclusive of locations–from the palaces of Middle-eastern monarchs, to modern french skyscrapers, to luxurious Spanish retreats. So we were flattered when we were contacted by Dries to shoot photos of some of their latest work; Atelier’s designer pots now line the desert’s latest shopping corridors at Downtown Summerlin.

In June, Dries flew across the Atlantic to visit recent pottery installations in the US and make sure he acquired the best photos possible. Touring each property, Dries selected individual scenes he hoped to feature in their designer catalog. When he stopped in Vegas we met with him at Downtown Summerlin to go through the process with him. We looked at each location that featured Atelier’s work with Dries and discussed the best angle and time of day to capture the space–then it was up to us to make portfolio-worthy photos of their one-of-a-kind earthenware. Since he prefers to show the product in living scenes, we were also tasked with capturing some ambient and anonymous pedestrian traffic to add a little life to the shots. (We also added a few little faces whose parents’ were amenable to their children being featured in a pottery catalog.)

Dries insisted that these be “atmosphere photos” rather than product photos, so the pots needed to be both the subject of the photo and yet secondary to the scene itself. From Regal Cinemas 5 to the fountains and footbridges on the East-side plaza, we hope we captured just what Dries flew so far to capture.


AtelierVierkantDowntownSummerlin_0 AtelierVierkantDowntownSummerlin_1 AtelierVierkantDowntownSummerlin_2 AtelierVierkantDowntownSummerlin_3 AtelierVierkantDowntownSummerlin_4

Photographing Materials and Craftsmanship

Photographing-Materials-and-Craftsmanship-06How do you get a great photo of something in an area where there are a thousand things going on at the same time? When a company’s work or materials is a part of a larger project, it can be a challenge to emphasize only the portion of the project that belongs to that company. Understanding photographic principles like composition, color, depth-of-field, and lens compression can allow one to create an image which isolates something very specific in an architectural or interior space–and make a photograph tell a story about just your work, about only your product.

A recent case in point is in photography which we recently performed for CR Laurence at the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s Las Vegas. Amidst a sea of colorful canopies, vegas landmarks, storefronts, palm trees, tourists, glaring sun, how do we create photos about just the aluminum door and window frames?


Photographing Materials and Craftsmanship 01

Well, you say, zoom in, which is a good start. Let’s see where that gets us:


Well, we’ve rid ourselves of much of the distraction, but we’re not exactly where we want to be. Let’s try going to ground level and zooming in some more:


Now we have a pretty clean shot of the product we’re featuring. This photo is pretty obviously a photo of the doors and windows, so at least we’re telling the right story. However, in the process of tightening up the shot, we’ve taken the location right out of the photo. They hired us to shoot their work at the new Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s in Las Vegas–this photo could have been taken anywhere with a palm tree.

So the challenge becomes pretty clear: how do we show aluminum doors and at the same time show that they are aluminum doors in a hip new outdoor shopping center in Vegas? Here are some of the solutions we came up with.

First, a tight, vibrant, highly detailed product shot with of a door with the Bazaar Shop’s color motif in the window. A nice, sharp product shot which shows some clean, high-quality doors.Photographing-Materials-and-Craftsmanship-04

Next, we tried to use glass to our advantage and found a window where the reflection showed us where we are. We brightened the aluminum a tad in post-production and flipped the image such that the reflection was legible. The aluminum is front and center, we see vegas in the reflection, and we’re pretty close to good. This may not be a magazine cover, as there is still an awful lot going on in that reflection, but it is probably a nice portfolio piece.


Lastly, we found a large section of aluminum window frames surrounded by the colorful hexagonal motif of the Bazaar Shops. This allowed us to capture a single, colorful shot of these quality windows in their actual setting, with the architecture, design, and overall feel of the space coming through.


You can see the variety of angles, compositions, and photographic strategies which can be employed to give a client the images they need to show off their stunning products and craftsmanship. We delivered about 70 photos from this shoot, so the client had a wide variety of images and perspectives to choose from. Whether they are looking to show off the location of the project, the detail in their work, or a dramatic combination of both, they have the images they need.

Exotics Racing Interior Photography


Dramatic interiors at Exotics Racing Las Vegas needed photographing and we were happy to help out. Las Vegas Motor Speedway brings high-speed drama and attention to the Las Vegas valley, but few actually have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle. Exotics Racing has changed all that, offering the public the chance to sit behind a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or kindred vehicle and step on the gas in a way you would never be able to pull off on the I-15.


Operating for years out of a tent beside the track, Exotics opened its official welcome center in March and we had the privilege to be the first to capture photography for it. One task was to capture the dramatic feel which private evening events can take inside the newly constructed building. From the intense light and graphics electrifying the front desk, to the exit doors of the Briefing Room, the welcome center feels as much an astronaut training facility than a building alongside a racetrack.


Learn more about Exotics Racing at www.exoticsracing.com.ExoticsRacingWelcomeCenter_0270ExoticsRacingWelcomeCenter_0230